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My kitchen

My kitchen

Thursday, 31 July 2014

A quick hello!

A very quick hello. It's been a long day and so am not going to write too much, except to say that I occasionally tweet! @sevelynr is my Twitter page...if that's makes sense. I'm even too tired to put a link on here!
Sarah x

Monday, 21 July 2014


July has been a busy month so far and I am counting down the days until the end of term. I feel slightly drained, although maybe its old age creeping in - I turned 40 less than a week ago.
My birthday was lovely, despite all my initial worries. I worked on the actual day and our normal Wednesday team meeting was replaced with cake and pressies. My desk was decorated and I was made to wear an 'I am 40 badge' all day. (Fortunately I had an admin day planned, so the balloons, badge and I remained hidden in the office!)
I had deliberately requested that I didn't want a birthday party, but we did have a different celebration the week before. My parents have decided to 'downsize' after 27 years in their wonderful house, and so together we planned one last shindig in their garden. The theme was 'Around the world' and we dressed various areas of the garden to represent the different continents. Everyone came in fancy dress and dad put on his famous 'Egyptian light show'...which has to be seen (after rather a lot of alcohol) to be believed. A few pictures!

So, now 40 and what next....The naughty forties is now upon me. Right now I feel I am ready for a holiday (we're off to France in August :-)) and feel that I need to just stop and sit (which I'm not very good at). Last week, I did take half an hour (whilst the little one was at preschool) and I went back to a special place that I used to visit many years ago. I haven't been to this spot in along time and it was lovely just to be...sat on the grass in the hot sun, looking out on the city. I took a selfie...the crows feet very visible!