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My kitchen

My kitchen

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Am now officially a Mrs! Am still getting used to it, but it feels right :-)

Our special day was everything we'd hoped it to be..very informal, with lots of family and friends in our garden. Our hay bales worked perfectly, the flower arranging and cake decorating came together and we only had the odd shower of rain to contend with. Everyone told me beforehand that the day would go very quckly and indeed it whizzed by! but we have some lovely photos to remember the day with.

We went to Paris and then to the south of France for our honeymoom...which was again perfect! Costly!, but wonderful and well worth it. I wish we could still walk along Le Racou plage at night (us being the only people on the beach) with the sun going down, listening to the cicadas in the long grass. One day!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Wedding fever

My first ever blog! (which will be very short as I am about to take my daughter to her clarinet lesson).
Have just returned from work and am sitting looking out at the garden, admiring all the bluebells and hoping they last another 3 weeks. Am getting married in ..just under 3 weeks and have planted bulbs and flowers in the appropriate colours. Many of them have flowered too early but am just hoping these hang on a little while longer! Am getting very excited though. Our reception will be in the garden, picnic style, with hay bales, wicker baskets and gingham table clothes, and hopefully a small maypole for the children to entertain themselves with. Am just praying for good weather now!