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My kitchen

My kitchen

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

We've had a busy, but lovely few days, catching up with friends and family. Jess enjoyed a halloween sleepover with friends and Stephen and I got all creative, making props for their halloween pass the parcel. Its amazing what a peeled tomato can do when placed in a 'chamber of horrors' themed shoe box! We also got through a weeks worth or toilet roll, playing wrap the mummy!
The picture is of our fire place - we have some wonderful autumnal shrubs in the garden and so I've been practicing my flower arranging skills! (practice still needed I think!)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Bears on a chair

I have in the past collected teddy bears and decided this week to unearth some of my bears. A few of them are now sat happily on a small antique chair in my living room. Am inspired by a friend of mine, Kerry, who has created some beautiful prints of bears and I have to buy one to go in my little boys bedroom. Check out the seventy tree in my blog list and also Draffin bears for lots of lovely things!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Up the garden path

Its been a wonderful autumnal weekend here in Devon. My in-laws visited yesterday and we went for a short walk around the lanes. My Mother in law took a real delight in pushing the buggy, whilst my father in law, enjoyed the hedgerows - excitedly pointing out the sloe berries, and holly trees laden with fruit.
We enjoyed a lovely sunday lunch cooked by mum and devoured the apple crumble made from the gardens apples. What Sundays should be all about!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

To ipod or not?

I am a techno phobe! I don't keep updated with the latest technology and am suddenly becoming aware that the world is overtaking me! (My 13 year old daughter will vouch for this!)
This afternoon I went to Honiton, our local town. Its famous for its antique shops but as I have discovered they are impossible to navigate with a pushchair! So much for the disability and discrimination act!
Anyway, I decided not to waste the trip and went to purchase the latest Aha music album ( I won't go on about how excited I am going to see them in concert next month!). Into WHsmiths to search for the music section....but no. There is no music section, and to my dismay, there is nowhere in Honiton that sells music. (Tesco's do apparently, but that would be another journey and with a 6 week old due for a feed, not on my list of options).

The realisation that music is now more easily accessible online has hit home. Is it now time for this thirty something to brave the world of ipods?! I like physically having a CD, and physically looking at a photo in an album. I'm not sure I am ready for ipods, ipads or i-phones?! Both my husband and daughter have husband has over 5000 tracks on his?! and maybe now is the time for me to join them and keep up with the world before I get left behind? Any thoughts?!
And don't get me on to my mobile phone! I have only just moved on from my 'brick'!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Baby blue pretty things

The birth of our little Elliot has also bought lots of lovely pressies! I'm still in the process of writing thankyou notes and must say a huge thankyou to my friend Sarah, who made Elliot this gorgeous slate heart decoration. I think she cut the slate herself. I love it! My daughter also bought a heart to go on Elliots wall, again very simple, but fits in perfectly with Elliots powder blue room.
The lavender came from out of our garden yesterday. Am still deciding whether the scent reminds me of France...or of old ladies! The jug- 'Beer Jug' comes from Beer in East Devon and was given to me by work colleagues when I finished working in the village. Made by Paul and Linda Wilson, it came from the marine house in Beer ( Its one of my favourites.