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My kitchen

My kitchen

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

We've had a busy, but lovely few days, catching up with friends and family. Jess enjoyed a halloween sleepover with friends and Stephen and I got all creative, making props for their halloween pass the parcel. Its amazing what a peeled tomato can do when placed in a 'chamber of horrors' themed shoe box! We also got through a weeks worth or toilet roll, playing wrap the mummy!
The picture is of our fire place - we have some wonderful autumnal shrubs in the garden and so I've been practicing my flower arranging skills! (practice still needed I think!)


  1. Looks fab! Like your bears on chair too! Lovely to see you yesterday, and I'm glad you like your print!/ Yes, I know the Black Eiffel blog....she featured some things from my site back in the day! Thank you for thinking of me! Hope to see you in the week. Maisie's definitely not going back to school tomorrow as still unwell, but better than she was. Have a lovely halloween eve! x

  2. Hope that you and your family are having a lovely Halloween. Love the carved pumpkin and the floral arrangement.
    Have a great week



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