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My kitchen

Saturday, 9 October 2010

To ipod or not?

I am a techno phobe! I don't keep updated with the latest technology and am suddenly becoming aware that the world is overtaking me! (My 13 year old daughter will vouch for this!)
This afternoon I went to Honiton, our local town. Its famous for its antique shops but as I have discovered they are impossible to navigate with a pushchair! So much for the disability and discrimination act!
Anyway, I decided not to waste the trip and went to purchase the latest Aha music album ( I won't go on about how excited I am going to see them in concert next month!). Into WHsmiths to search for the music section....but no. There is no music section, and to my dismay, there is nowhere in Honiton that sells music. (Tesco's do apparently, but that would be another journey and with a 6 week old due for a feed, not on my list of options).

The realisation that music is now more easily accessible online has hit home. Is it now time for this thirty something to brave the world of ipods?! I like physically having a CD, and physically looking at a photo in an album. I'm not sure I am ready for ipods, ipads or i-phones?! Both my husband and daughter have husband has over 5000 tracks on his?! and maybe now is the time for me to join them and keep up with the world before I get left behind? Any thoughts?!
And don't get me on to my mobile phone! I have only just moved on from my 'brick'!

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