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My kitchen

My kitchen

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Last weekend we were visited by our kiwi relatives who came in fine form with humour, stories of their travels and the usual bottles of fine kiwi plonk. As a family 'en masse', we like our wine, but there are certain family and friends which allow you to drink more than you probably should! (I on the other hand refrained...and behaved with my bottles of fake non-alcoholic beer..not so much fun I hasten to add!). We enjoyed several lovely evenings and meals with the ultimate party on saturday night. I became chief photographer for the evening and have evidence of the drunken barn dancing in the garden, and my fathers spontaneous Egyptian sound and light show! (This in itself needs photos to be believed and involved my father dressed up as pharoah at the top of the garden, with garden cane framed pyramids...lit by candles, a booming soundtrack and a bonfire finale!
This week has been a little more subdued and with the bump increasing in size I have been taking it easy. My daughter has had friends around and they enjoyed a morning in the local woods, filming their re-enaction of Harry Potter. This is the second scene they have now filmed...and with the current timetable, filming will probably be complete in about 2030. To give them credit though, they have done a brilliant job, obtained costumes, written scripts and learnt their lines...and I look forward to seeing the final some point!
My daughter has now headed off into Cornwall for a camping trip with her dad and so I am now pacing the house, awaiting the arrival of bump. In truth, I am pacing the house, looking at the clumps of dust gathered on the floor, staring at the pile of ironing, checking the empty fridge incase some food should materialise and contemplating repainting the kitchen! Frustration has set in, but lack of energy and movement prevent me from achieving my perfect nest! Probably just as well!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Time on my hands

Am into my second week of maternity leave and despite having a list of things I had planned to do (Learn french, write my book, paint the landing, learn how to make mosaics..and generally nest!), I haven't the energy or will power to do any it! Todays highlight will be the delivery of my sainsburys shopping, probably followed by a few home improvement programmes and 'A place in the sun'.
Am missing the sun terribly at the moment. I am normally sprawled out in the garden the moment the sun appears, but pregnancy hormones and a warning by my optician that I have a UV sun spot on one of my eyes has made me rethink. I have even worn suncream this goes against my beliefs, but I know I should be more careful!
Four weeks left now until I have baby number two! I have now reached the point where I wish the stork would just deliver a nice little parcel at the top of the garden. If only it was that simple! Still its all very exciting (if terrifying!) and I know once he's here that all will be well again.