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My kitchen

My kitchen

Monday, 19 July 2010

Time on my hands

Am into my second week of maternity leave and despite having a list of things I had planned to do (Learn french, write my book, paint the landing, learn how to make mosaics..and generally nest!), I haven't the energy or will power to do any it! Todays highlight will be the delivery of my sainsburys shopping, probably followed by a few home improvement programmes and 'A place in the sun'.
Am missing the sun terribly at the moment. I am normally sprawled out in the garden the moment the sun appears, but pregnancy hormones and a warning by my optician that I have a UV sun spot on one of my eyes has made me rethink. I have even worn suncream this goes against my beliefs, but I know I should be more careful!
Four weeks left now until I have baby number two! I have now reached the point where I wish the stork would just deliver a nice little parcel at the top of the garden. If only it was that simple! Still its all very exciting (if terrifying!) and I know once he's here that all will be well again.

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