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My kitchen

My kitchen

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Our DIY wedding!

I recently recieved some new wedding photos. Thought I would share some as I was very proud of what we achieved (and on a tight budget!) The dress was by designer Ronald Joyce, but bought it on Ebay for 1/10th of the price that shops would retail it at! My mum made the cake and we just decorated it simply with white icing and fresh flowers.
We had our reception in the garden at home. We managed to buy a marquee (much cheaper than hiring!) and furnished it with clusters of hay bales, saving the cost of hiring tables and chairs. For each group of bales we added a picnic basket, which included the wine, glasses, napkins, a few nibbles (e.g breadsticks) and a few pressies for the children to keep them amused.
More pictures in earlier 2009 posts!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Finding myself

Life with a minute my day is filled and hectic and yet a few hours later, it is quiet and empty. Little Elliot is asleep and I am pondering the months ahead. I can see how important it is to keep busy whilst on maternity leave and more importantly to get out and be stimulated by adult conversation!
I also see this time as an opportunity to fulfil some of the many things that I have on my 'List of things to do before I die'. I have a sudden desire to be creative and long to walk along a beach, collect sea glass and then transform it into something amazing. I also want to write my book. I have the story and have even scribbled a few chapters. And run. I want to run a half marathon and attempt an epic walk. Maybe I should get out the pushchair and start paving the lanes of East Devon!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Out with the sugar!

Elliot is now nearly a month old and slowly I am beginning to feel normal again. The last week has been really tough and my hormones have been going berzerk. Tears have flowed and I have felt very low, wishing for my old life back and what I see as normality. Its strange, but even the house has felt different and unfamiliar. The rooms have been taken up with blankets, pushchairs and sterilisers and I am not used to seeing my house from the small hours of the night. September is spider month...and they're an awful lot of large spiders that scurry across the floor in the middle of the night!

Yesterday I felt was a turning point and I went out with my sister for lunch. Other than nipping to the shops for nappies or infacol, this was my first real day out and it was lovely to see that normality can resume, even with a little man in tow. We enjoyed lunch at Double locks and sat beside the canal, Elliots first 'alfresco' meal.

I have also been watching my diet very carefully in the last week to try and balance out my hormones. I read a fascinating book a few years ago by Patrick Holford, about the links between diet, hormones and blood sugar levels. Prior to becoming pregnant I ate very little carbs and watched the sugar content in everything I ate (even choosing low sugar fruits over those high in sugars and drinking decaffinated drinks). I was surprised to read that 10 raisins has the same sugar content as a whole punnet of strawberries.

My moods completely changed, I had more energy, I lost weight and I rarely felt low.

Once pregnant however, I suddenly discovered I craved sugar and could eat what I wanted! Jacket potatoes, digestive biscuits and ice cream were my particular favourites!..and my moods felt balanced.

After giving birth I continued to eat these tasty treats, but it was very evident in the last few weeks that I've started to feel low again. Hormones have been all over the place and so about a week ago, I decided to get back on to my low carb/ low sugar routine. No wine, small amounts of carbs, ..and I try to divide my plate into four ( 1/4 protein, 1/4 carbs, 1/2 vegetables),

Yesterday my mood changed and this morning I'm appreciating the sunshine. I haven't shed a tear for 48 hours now and I'm looking forward to the week ahead. I find it amazing how influential my diet impacts on how I feel, but it really has made a difference.

Research now suggests that it is sugar, not fat, that is the cause of obesity and the increasing levels of diabetes in our western society ..and I truely believe this is the case.

My top 10 fav foods for maintaining balanced hormones and blood sugar levels!

  • Humus (protein)

  • Seeded wholegrain bread ( nutty / brown) - Lower carbs

  • New potatoes (far less carbs than roast or jackets as they are dug up sooner)

  • Wholegrain brown rice / wholewheat pasta

  • Berries ( strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc!)

  • Meat / fish

  • Decaf coffee / Fruit teas (decaf tea is not great!)

  • Gin and slimline tonic! ( far less sugar than a glass of wine!)

  • Nuts

  • Lots of veg ( trying to avoid large amounts of the starch and high carb potatoes, carrots, ...root veg)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Since my last blog we have welcomed a new addition to our family. Little 'Elliot' was born three weeks ago, seven pounds six ounces. Now a family of four, it has been an exciting but exhausting time! I am now familiar with the rubbish that is on the tv in the early hours...and have been burning up my pregnancy weight, walking up and down the stairs trying to alleviate colic. Elliot is however very beautiful and has brought real joy to our lives.