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My kitchen

My kitchen

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Our DIY wedding!

I recently recieved some new wedding photos. Thought I would share some as I was very proud of what we achieved (and on a tight budget!) The dress was by designer Ronald Joyce, but bought it on Ebay for 1/10th of the price that shops would retail it at! My mum made the cake and we just decorated it simply with white icing and fresh flowers.
We had our reception in the garden at home. We managed to buy a marquee (much cheaper than hiring!) and furnished it with clusters of hay bales, saving the cost of hiring tables and chairs. For each group of bales we added a picnic basket, which included the wine, glasses, napkins, a few nibbles (e.g breadsticks) and a few pressies for the children to keep them amused.
More pictures in earlier 2009 posts!

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Congratulations on your wedding and your new baby. Lots of exciting changes in your life.
    Love the dress and cake and looks like a lovely wedding.



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