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My kitchen

My kitchen

Monday, 27 September 2010

Finding myself

Life with a minute my day is filled and hectic and yet a few hours later, it is quiet and empty. Little Elliot is asleep and I am pondering the months ahead. I can see how important it is to keep busy whilst on maternity leave and more importantly to get out and be stimulated by adult conversation!
I also see this time as an opportunity to fulfil some of the many things that I have on my 'List of things to do before I die'. I have a sudden desire to be creative and long to walk along a beach, collect sea glass and then transform it into something amazing. I also want to write my book. I have the story and have even scribbled a few chapters. And run. I want to run a half marathon and attempt an epic walk. Maybe I should get out the pushchair and start paving the lanes of East Devon!

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