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My kitchen

My kitchen

Friday, 22 April 2011

Tea and cakes

This last week has been wonderful. Gorgeous weather and by chance my husband had taken the week as holiday. We've been out lots walking, visiting places on our doorstep we never knew existed and places we'd been meaning to go for years.
On Wednesday we went for a walk along the Grand western canal. This is a beautiful walk along a 10 mile stretch of water and in the sunshine it was beautiful. On the way back we stopped for tea at a little teashop.Very quaint cottage, complete with thatched roof. I loved the outdoor shelving and teapots on view!
I also have been baking. I got given a wonderful cookery book for mothers day and had a go at making Vanilla cupcakes. Completely full of sugar and fat...but it was sunny...and we're on holiday! (well thats my excuse!).

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