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My kitchen

My kitchen

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Half term

Its half term and I have been doing all the things I love...a spot of gardening and lots of writing. I am half way through my open university course now and I am just loving it...coming up with weird and wonderful characters for several short stories. Some of my writing has been reviewed by other students now (quite scary!), but it has been really useful, enabling me to really look at my writing and begin the editing process. Tomorrow I am off to do some research and am planning on spending the morning drinking coffee in our local motorway service station! (as you do!?) And then there has been Chelsea which I have been glued to over the last week. My hands and nails are looking very worn after a weekend of gardening, but I have now have geraniums and petunias starting to flower, sweet peas flourishing and an abundance of tomato plants (31 at the last count), plus runner beans, lettuce and sugar snap peas. Next on my garden plan is to create a small rockery with alpine plants, but that is for another day. Have a lovely week wherever you are! Our kitchen...with one of my newly potted geraniums.

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