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My kitchen

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Boats, boas and a bit of blogging

Its a staying indoors day! Its grey, wet and windy and I'm missing the sun. Still I thought I would catch up on a bit of blogging...I haven't blogged in over a week and have missed it.
Its been a busy few days and I'm starting to wonder when I ever had the time to go to work! Am very much enjoying my maternity leave but I think come May (when I'm due to go back), I'll be ready.
The past weekend was busy - the highlight being my sisters birthday. On Sat night she held a murder mystery night which was great fun...I was Lady Diamante and dressed for the occasion in a black 1920's dress with feather boa. We had 1920's music playing in the background on an old gramophone and the table was set to capture the scene on board a ship travelling from Southampton to NY. I seemed to loose track of the plot, in between feeding Elliot and producing the lasagnes, but was relieved to hear by the end that I wasn't the murderer.
We will have another big family celebration in February as my brother has just announced his engagement to the lovely Clare. Its very exciting and I now have another excuse to go and buy another dress!
Well I must get on. Housework calls and at some point I need to start thinking about Christmas. Where does the time go?!

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    I loved seeing your photos at your Sisters birthday.
    You both look great and isn't it fun to have a themed Party.
    Hope that you have a happy week



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