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My kitchen

My kitchen

Thursday, 2 December 2010

First snow in the kitchen garden

For days now, most of the Uk has been covered in a white blanket. But not us. We have just had cold, grey and miserable weather. But today I opened my curtains to the first snow of Winter...only about 2cms (if that!), but enough to get my daughter excited and my husband panicing about whether the trains would be running.
At 7am my daughter was running around the garden making footprints and I was busy in the kitchen listening to the local radio station. I don't often listen to the radio, but the local station becomes the hub for snow news, announcing school closures and transport problems.
To my daughters disappointment, her school wasn't on the 'closed' list. The school bus however didn't turn up and my husbands train was late. Its funny how unprepared we are in the Uk for snow. In parts of the world it takes metres of snow to cause chaos and yet here....a cm or two.
I went out and took a few photos this morning of our house and garden in the snow. We live in a victorian cottage (built in 1893) with a large walled garden, that was originally the gardeners cottage to a local manor house. The garden orignally would have been a kitchen garden, full of fruit and vegetables. We still have some fruit trees and grow some vegetables, but the garden now is mostly lawned with shrubs and trees.


  1. How very pretty everything looks with that lovely dusting of the first snow!
    Enjoy looking out your window from your warm abode.

  2. HI Sarah
    What a beautiful old English house you have! Thank you for stopping by
    My French Country Home

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Your photos are beautiful with the first snow fall and love your wonderful home.
    Stay warm and I hope that you are having a lovely weekend



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