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My kitchen

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Snowed in...

The snow this year has been beautiful, but I've had enough of it!!
Living in the countryside has its downside and this morning I am pondering whether to get in the car and risk a drive to the supermarket. Once I reach the main road I know it will be clear, but its negotiating the ice in the lane that is the tricky bit. Only a few days to Christmas, and I haven't finished my Xmas shopping, am running out of food and we are also very low on heating oil! This morning we allowed the central heating to come on for just an hour or so (just to warm the house through), but already at 10am the house is cold and I am wrapped up in jumpers and snuggled next to a portable electric heater. I have already warned the relatives coming for Christmas that they need to bring their thermals! Yesterday we blocked up the fire place (it seems to suck any heat up the chimmney) and put a curtain over the inside of the front door. Its made a little difference.
Anyway, wherever you are this Christmas I hope its a warm and cosy one. Vicki (from French Essence) commented that there are many people struggling to travel and get home to loved ones for Christmas) and so despite the snow, I feel fortunate that I'm with my family already.
Happy Christmas from Devon x

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Oh your snow photos are so pretty and I wish that I could send over some of our heat.
    We had a sweltering day yesterday and it got up to 30. Yes, we have been watching the news and so many people have been stranded so I hope that the weather warms up so you can get to the supermarket.
    Merry Christmas and wishing you joy, love and peace.


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