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My kitchen

My kitchen

Friday, 7 March 2014


Mondays are my writing days. Or shall I rephrase this. Monday is the day that I try to write. It is the one morning of the week that I have to myself. Normally I get sidelined by the washing, shopping ...or more recently rota'd into parent helper role at preschool (this is like going to work for me!),but this week was different. I buried my head for three solid hours and wrote and wrote and wrote.
I am writing a novel. Partly autobiographical, partly fictitious. When I began my story (quite a few years ago now) I had it planned out, chapter by chapter, but as I write I now find that this story takes its own path. 
I am struggling with 'tenses' at the moment. I find that one minute I am writing in the present tense and in the next I am back in the past. Still, I am writing. I have words on paper that take me to another world, and allow me through a door that I thought was closed. Monday morning...we have a date!

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